On first meeting Julie, I thought her to be a woman with spunk
and a wicked sense of fun. Later, I began to see more to her.
Her big front hid vulnerability, and traces of sadness. As I’ve
gotten to know her better, I found Julie to be very bright and
an imaginative person. This book was meant to be written and
Julie is the right person to take us into the world of “frontal
support”. The experiences had on her journey will give insight
to a woman’s personal predicaments, along with it, lots of fun
and laughter.
– Lucia Di Fiore


From memory, I think it was a grey satin nightie holding a pair
of rather perky boobs that suddenly appeared from on top of
a ladder and were hanging over the fence along the driveway.
With a huge grin and a show of hands up and down her body,
she boldly announced … “how do you like my new boobs?”
Well how could we miss them!
– George Z


One of our favourite and funniest days in summer, was taking
Jules into town to get her new bathers. Despite our best efforts,
trying to find a pair that would fit those big girls of hers in was
easier said than done. We would try by pushing, prodding and
squeezing them into sometimes dozens of pairs of so called
x-large sized tops, but more often than not, they just wouldn’t
fit in … Jules did her best to take it in her stride and we never
laughed so much in all our lives.
– Wally Wilson

I know she has had her trials and tribulations with those big
boobs of hers but Jules never lost the ability of being able to
laugh about them.
– Ash Lincoln


Not everyone with a big bust line is qualified to discuss big
breasts, however Jules is. Despite having her history of problems
with them, she always knew how to wear her big boobs
well. She has always practiced what she preaches and she definitely
has her very own personal and unique style.
– Loz O’Neill


My early memories of Jules and “her girls” was when she used
to get around in her over sized t-shirts that she wore as mini
dresses. I guess that was because not much else would fit those
boobs of hers in! Anyway all I remember is these huge t-shirts
and her skinny legs … A breast reduction later; there certainly
were no more sack dresses for this hot chick anymore!
– Frieda Zervos