How did i get here

In the early 1990’s an unfortunate twist of fate saw me seriously injured, 3 yrs of Doctors, hospitals, tests and rehab had taken their toll. It had left me stranded at home and saw me seriously depressed. I been accustomed to dealing with dozens of adults and children on a daily basis but then nothing, an emptiness overwhelmed me; I was like a lion trapped in a cage

A few people and in particular my mother in-law,  suggested I go to the local Community Centre. It was a great idea but my confidence was so low I just felt I couldn’t do it. After several failed attempts though I finally got through what was, a very welcoming door at Donvale Living and Learning Centre the predecessor of Pines Learning.

I was greeted, with a smile by my now friend Mary who asked “how I can we help you”, I promptly burst into tears and cried my little heart out. That was the beginning of an amazing  journey,  from crying wreck to would you believe it, ending up as President of the Board of Management of the Centre.

I remember being in my first class, which was a six week return to study course, the Tutor  asked us all to write something for the following week, I promptly replied, “but I can’t write” and wow look at me now , I’ve written this whole book. Boobs, Bras and Beyond. Not just a story of my life big boobs but a how to on how others can wear Big Boobs  Better.