So with Christmas on our doorstep you have at long last come up with the great idea of buying some lingerie for your partner. Trouble is you then thought about it a little bit more and went into the state of ‘where the hell do I start’. And you might just be right in thinking that, it can all be rather daunting.

Where do I go?

What do I buy?

Why am I buying it?

What size do I get?

Believe me you certainly are not the first person to head into the unknown of lingerie purchasing, many have been there before you so don’t get intimidated by it. These days your options are plentiful, with department and specialty shops in abundance, as well as a multitude of online stores & services being available.

If you are a first timer I strongly urge you to get over any hang-ups you may have about personally heading into a store as this is where you are least likely to make any mistakes. Lingerie staff are well versed in knowing how to help you and ensure that you get the right piece for that special woman in your life. The other option is to either ask or take your partners friend who may just have a good idea of what she will or won’t like.

Knowing what to get is the next question, this  is why getting expert advice in a store is well worthwhile and you will be far less likely to end up at the returns counter after xmas.

When it comes to the why am I buying it, be perfectly honest with yourself, is it about making her feel good or is it about making you excited about what she could be wearing or is it a bit of both. Are you wanting something that will give her a sense of comfort or a sense of luxury or are you after something that you hope is going to make her feel really sexy.

Then there is the problematic, what size do I get her. If you’re comfortable with it and not expecting to surprise her completely, ask her. If on the other hand you want to keep it a secret a good rifle through your partners drawers will never go astray. Don’t stop at one piece though; check out a selection as sizes do vary between brands. Take your list of brands and sizes with you as this can be invaluable in getting that right piece.

So don’t be shy, get to work and get to those shops now and know that if you follow my tips you and your partner will have a very happy Christmas.