Is a breast reduction the best answer ?

I’m often asked if a breast reduction the best answer for those living with big boobs? Well for many it can be but it’s certainly not for everyone, but for those who really need one it can be life changing. Like most things in the world there are the pros and cons of going under the knife and any such decision should not be taken lightly.

Before taking any such steps you should always do your research and your first port of call is your Doctor. They can discuss with you all of your concerns and inform you fully about the risks and benefits of surgery.

Breast reductions while they can be, aren’t just done for aesthetic purposes. Many women are not only finding that their large breasts are causing them discomfort but they are indeed suffering significant health issues such as headaches, severe neck, shoulder and back pain. These problems are more often than not caused by bad posture, many women with big boobs have a tendency to stoop and become round shouldered, which in turn causes ones back to curve and can lead to nerve problems and some cases women can develop a humped back.

Skin problems are another common complaint; quite often women develop rashes in the folds under their breasts. This area can be difficult to keep dry particularly in the warmer weather, as yeast infections can flourish, they are not just annoyingly itchy, sore and uncomfortable, they’re often unsightly and can become infected. Treatment with an anti-fungal cream prescribed by your Doctor and wearing clothes made from natural fibres such as bamboo will help to alleviate symptoms.

It is not just the physical symptoms of carry around oversized boobs that can hurt, for many including myself at one time it is the unseen physiological ones that can be damaging to a persons mental health. Having poor body image makes one self-conscious and breeds low self-esteem which inevitably leads to stress and depression and can be even more debilitating than some physical symptoms.

If you, a family member or friend are finding that large boobs are causing you grief and you are suffering physical or emotional issues, contemplating a breast reduction could be your way of moving forward. So don’t put it off, go and see your doctor and discuss your options, it could be one of the best decisions you will ever make.