So with Christmas on our doorstep you have at long last come up with the great idea of buying some lingerie for your partner. Trouble is you then thought about it a little bit more and went into the state of ‘where the hell do I start’. And you might just be right in thinking that, it can all be rather daunting.

Where do I go?

What do I buy?

Why am I buying it?

What size do I get?

Believe me you certainly are not the first person to head into the unknown of lingerie purchasing, many have been there before you so don’t get intimidated by it. These days your options are plentiful, with department and specialty shops in abundance, as well as a multitude of online stores & services being available.

If you are a first timer I strongly urge you to get over any hang-ups you may have about personally heading into a store as this is where you are least likely to make any mistakes. Lingerie staff are well versed in knowing how to help you and ensure that you get the right piece for that special woman in your life. The other option is to either ask or take your partners friend who may just have a good idea of what she will or won’t like.

Knowing what to get is the next question, this  is why getting expert advice in a store is well worthwhile and you will be far less likely to end up at the returns counter after xmas.

When it comes to the why am I buying it, be perfectly honest with yourself, is it about making her feel good or is it about making you excited about what she could be wearing or is it a bit of both. Are you wanting something that will give her a sense of comfort or a sense of luxury or are you after something that you hope is going to make her feel really sexy.

Then there is the problematic, what size do I get her. If you’re comfortable with it and not expecting to surprise her completely, ask her. If on the other hand you want to keep it a secret a good rifle through your partners drawers will never go astray. Don’t stop at one piece though; check out a selection as sizes do vary between brands. Take your list of brands and sizes with you as this can be invaluable in getting that right piece.

So don’t be shy, get to work and get to those shops now and know that if you follow my tips you and your partner will have a very happy Christmas.

My first bra

I remember painstakingly waiting for the day my Mum would take me to get my first bra, in my eyes it was going to be one of the best days of my life. I was so excited even anticipating the idea; I had waited not weeks nor months to get there, but years. Yes I was that kid in school, you know, last one in class to get a bra.
My best friends and seemingly everyone else in my class had begun getting theirs in Grade 6; but oh not me, I was half way through form 3 or year 9 as it’s now known. The white Bonds singlets we had worn to keep warm became the white singlets I used to cover up the fact that I didn’t have a bra. The sports days that I once relished became the days I most dreaded and the girls change room became my worst nightmare. Every week I looked around the room and it seemed that someone else had a new pretty bra. Why couldn’t it be me, I used to think to myself.
My day finally rolled around though, but it wasn’t day that I had romanticized in my mind. There was no getting in the car, no shopping centre and certainly no beautiful lingerie store. No what I got was my mother presenting me with a crumpled up used brown paper bag and a, “here you go”.
I opened the bag a looked in and to my horror there it was, a daggy white cotton bra, it was simply the ugliest bra I had ever seen. I was mortified. It wasn’t new and it sure wasn’t the pretty one I had been imagining. There was no way I could allow any of my friends see this. I had waited and waited all this time and all I got was this white cotton hand me down. I couldn’t believe my luck; now that I finally had one, I needed to cover it up with my Bonds singlet because it was so damned ugly, in my eyes I just couldn’t win.
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Is a breast reduction the best answer ?

I’m often asked if a breast reduction the best answer for those living with big boobs? Well for many it can be but it’s certainly not for everyone, but for those who really need one it can be life changing. Like most things in the world there are the pros and cons of going under the knife and any such decision should not be taken lightly.

Before taking any such steps you should always do your research and your first port of call is your Doctor. They can discuss with you all of your concerns and inform you fully about the risks and benefits of surgery.

Breast reductions while they can be, aren’t just done for aesthetic purposes. Many women are not only finding that their large breasts are causing them discomfort but they are indeed suffering significant health issues such as headaches, severe neck, shoulder and back pain. These problems are more often than not caused by bad posture, many women with big boobs have a tendency to stoop and become round shouldered, which in turn causes ones back to curve and can lead to nerve problems and some cases women can develop a humped back.

Skin problems are another common complaint; quite often women develop rashes in the folds under their breasts. This area can be difficult to keep dry particularly in the warmer weather, as yeast infections can flourish, they are not just annoyingly itchy, sore and uncomfortable, they’re often unsightly and can become infected. Treatment with an anti-fungal cream prescribed by your Doctor and wearing clothes made from natural fibres such as bamboo will help to alleviate symptoms.

It is not just the physical symptoms of carry around oversized boobs that can hurt, for many including myself at one time it is the unseen physiological ones that can be damaging to a persons mental health. Having poor body image makes one self-conscious and breeds low self-esteem which inevitably leads to stress and depression and can be even more debilitating than some physical symptoms.

If you, a family member or friend are finding that large boobs are causing you grief and you are suffering physical or emotional issues, contemplating a breast reduction could be your way of moving forward. So don’t put it off, go and see your doctor and discuss your options, it could be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

How did i get here

In the early 1990’s an unfortunate twist of fate saw me seriously injured, 3 yrs of Doctors, hospitals, tests and rehab had taken their toll. It had left me stranded at home and saw me seriously depressed. I been accustomed to dealing with dozens of adults and children on a daily basis but then nothing, an emptiness overwhelmed me; I was like a lion trapped in a cage

A few people and in particular my mother in-law,  suggested I go to the local Community Centre. It was a great idea but my confidence was so low I just felt I couldn’t do it. After several failed attempts though I finally got through what was, a very welcoming door at Donvale Living and Learning Centre the predecessor of Pines Learning.

I was greeted, with a smile by my now friend Mary who asked “how I can we help you”, I promptly burst into tears and cried my little heart out. That was the beginning of an amazing  journey,  from crying wreck to would you believe it, ending up as President of the Board of Management of the Centre.

I remember being in my first class, which was a six week return to study course, the Tutor  asked us all to write something for the following week, I promptly replied, “but I can’t write” and wow look at me now , I’ve written this whole book. Boobs, Bras and Beyond. Not just a story of my life big boobs but a how to on how others can wear Big Boobs  Better.


What's it all about

I am the author of the recently published BOOBS, BRAS & BEYOND. This is a journey of self discovery into womanhood and the what was and can be the daunting world of breast and bras.

It's a tale of a young girl who was slow to develop and then the breasts that came and forgot grow. This is a story of many laughs and a few tears along the way. My decision at 40 to have a breast reduction and the ramifications that came with it. I share my secrets and give you some great tips on how you or a family can wear big boobs better