Boobs, Bras and Beyond is more than just the tales of Julie’s most glorious and inglorious moments, of growing into and then out of her two most wonderful breasts. It is story of both much laughter and a few tears.
Julie shares her many highs and as many lows as she narrates the story of the girl who waited and waited for her boobs to grow,  boobs that then forgot to stop.
She takes on a journey of her life and the world of breasts and bras, from her first bra to her biggest one. It’s about the bullies that teased and her most embarrassing moments.
Her decision as an adult many years later to have them reduced and the complications that it brought.
Learn what’s good and what’s bad, the pros and the cons about living with large breasts and get her invaluable tips on how you or your loved ones can live with big boobs better.



Julie White was born in the eastern region of Melbourne in the late 1950's. Julie grew up on the family orchard with her parents and younger brother and attended the local primary school where many of her relatives had gone before her. Times were tough and money was tight in the White household and it was a far cry from the evolving new times and culture of the 60's and 70's that took place around her.

The family moving from Doncaster to the back Paddocks of Pakenham in the early 70's when she was a teenager was not one that went well for her, she struggled with both her identity and her ever increasing bust-line.

Julie's working life has been varied and saw her try many things from hospitality, to gardening, to working in the family business. But is was her work in community recreation with young adults with Cerebral Palsy where she was to find her niche and her strong sense of social justice.

For over 20 years she has been involved in Adult and Community Education in Manningham. She has served on the Board Of Management at Donvale Living and Learning Centre, Pines Learning. and on several Local Government Committees. In 2008 she was a recipient of The Menzies Australia Award for her work in the community and adult education sector.